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Intimate Mist è il profumo per lei dalla fragranza sensuale e maliziosa della YesForLov, il nuovo brand francese di prodotti per il benessere e il piacere sessuale per lui e per lei.
Un profumo dal tocco caldo e delicato per regalarti quel pizzico di seduzione in più: ammalia il tuo partner con un aroma dolce e afrodisiaco.
Intimate Mist ha una seducente fragranza per accompagnarvi nei vostri incontri d'amore e in qualsiasi momento, perchè il partner ricordi domani e per sempre il profumo del vostro corpo.
Intimate Mist è un prodotto dermatologicamente testato, pensato per uso esterno e non contiene parabeni, allergeni e olii minerali.



A very private perfume, in tune to your body... (So you can give yourself up, without the slightest hesitation).

YESforLOV’s intimate perfume will enchant your partner right where he hopes for it most but least expects it. Irresistibly hot and sensual, this fragrance was designed to make your intimate moments resonate with scent. To make the tiniest, secret patch of skin a desired titbit. Anywhere. Anytime. So your partner will come away remembering, tomorrow and forever, the scent of your body offered up.

It looks like just another bottle, but this is nothing to trifle with. It’s the one not to forget when you know that… Elegant design and sexy labelling, this little atomiser is already trembling with delight at the thought of being slipped into your pocket or handbag.

Secretly right beforehand, just to be sure. Naughtily hidden in a secret spot. Or slowly, irresistibly, taking your sweet time, for men and women who know just what’s coming.

For the whole body. Right where your partner is hoping to find it. Where it’s least expected. Or just follow your instinct, here, there, with wild abandon, with no taboos, to get a wonderfully sensual treasure hunt going.

Scenting your body with YESforLOV is for yourself as much as for someone else. Between the two of you this fragrance will be taken to new torrid heights. Just open the hidden doorways. Try all possible combinations one after the other. Work it with the right motions, just what they were expecting. And why not pique interest in desires never before experienced.

One of the secrets of this body perfume is the warm and fragrant plumeria. Sweet and sensual, this subtle scent will make your partner want to gobble you right up. It is elegant and refined and naturally highlights the beauty of your skin in even its most secret spots, while never conflicting with your regular perfume.

15 ml 


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