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Dal romanzo best-seller che ha venduto milioni di copie in tutto il mondo nasce la Collezione ufficiale Fifty Shades of Grey, approvata dall'autrice E. L. James.

Inner Goddess sono le eleganti palline vaginali firmate 50 Sfumature di Grigio.
Le palline vaginali Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls di Fifty Shades of Grey sono realizzate in metallo, sono irresistibilmente lisce al tatto, senza ftalati e legate da un cordino in nylon con un anello alla base per poterle controllare in totale sicurezza.
Ogni sfera in argento è stata studiata per migliorare la tonicità dei vostri muscoli interni attraverso gli esercizi di Kegel, per raggiungere un controllo maggiore sull'orgasmo o per stimolare e migliorare il gioco con il proprio partner. Una volta inserite in vagina, sarete naturalmente portate a trattenerle con i muscoli interni, come se si sta cercando di tirarle su ulteriormente, a stringere e poi rilasciare i muscoli: le palline vaginali si muoveranno all'interno e andranno a stimolare il vostro punto G.

Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure, palline vaginali della collezione 50 Sfumature di Grigio, è il regalo erotico ideale per gli appassionati della trilogia, e non solo.
Vi consigliamo di usare le vostre palline vaginali con un lubrificante a base acquosa e di pulirle dopo ogni utilizzo con lo spray antibatterico.



Secretly stimulating your G-spot and offering a heavy weight to grip around, the Inner Goddess silver balls are ideal for those in need of a new toning challenge with added satisfaction. Enjoy Anastasia-style pleasure thanks to these advanced kegel balls.

"I flush from the constant movement of the silver balls. They weigh down inside me, massaging me internally and make me needy, needy for sex. Oh, the sensation is exquisite." - Ana Steele

Smooth, solid metal has been used to create this weighty kegel exerciser. Designed for those who have used kegel exercisers before and now need a new challenge, these pleasure balls offer a combined weight of 221g to maximise the effects of your toning and vaginal rejuvenation.

Each of the balls has a slimline girth of just 3.75 inches in circumference, challenging even the most advanced kegel ball users. Initially designed to be worn lying down, your muscles tone with continued exercise so you can wear them anywhere, just like Ana.

A strong nylon cord connects the balls together, attaching them to a large metal finger loop. The secure construction allows you to use these silver balls for anal play if desired, with the finger loop ensuring the balls cannot travel during wear.

Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Complete with presentation box and supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, the Inner Goddess toning balls are the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

How to Perform Kegel Exercises
Exercises are easy to perform, simply clench your vagina around the balls as if you're trying to pull them up further inside you. Clench as tight as you can and hold for as long as you can and then release. Repeat this exercise 10 - 15 times in a row and aim to do your exercises two or three times a day.

During exercises, the silver balls will move against your G-spot, firmly stimulating your hottest internal pleasure zone and making toning a deeply erotic and sexually satisfying experience. Play can be further enhanced with clitoral stimulation care of a bullet vibrator, causing the balls to gently quiver inside you for all-encompassing satisfaction.

Length: 21,6 cm
Circumference: 10,2 cm
Base type: Finger Loop
Material: Metal
Flexibility: Rigid
Waterproof: Submersible
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No 


Artikelnummer: 1963
43,00 € Standardpreis
30,10 €Sale-Preis
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